Crusade of Talius

Session 5

So, we got MapTools working, albeit with some issues. Should go a lot better next week!

The session started with the players exploring further down the path they were going, but hit a dead end, save a long chute above them made of rough stone. After an easy climb, they got a sneak attack on some devils and miners in a huge cavern. Once some noise was made, a noble-looking tiefling broke down a door and demanded the devils and cambien to protect him. However, Solomon used his Fey Strike spear and teleported him within close distance, and Baha used a series of fast attacks to sever his spine from his rest of him. A bearded devil provided some issues, and Baha dropped once, was raised by his cloak, dropped again, raised by Solomon, then almost taken out a third time. Solomon himself was almost dropped a few times, though as usual Richard and Fitzwilliam stayed out of harms way, dodging a few balefires at most.

The team decided to save one of the tieflings, who cowered in fear, eager to please his captors. That didn’t stop Fitz from Mage Handing off a few finger nails. He explained that he has a wife as a guard in Halffrost, and a son as a warrior in Talius. They asked him a few more questions, but I forgot what they were exactly. They used him as a guide throughout the rest of the mine.

They found a few casks of water, a number of tradable items, and a scroll inflicted with Secret Page, dispelled by Fitzwilliam, discovering it to be a contract with a devil.

The contract states that the Tiefling Jhonel Verhatten gains control of the mine, with 8 devil and cambien bodyguards, as well as daily deliveries of clean water, and a stipend of 800 GP. In exhange, he must deliver goods no less than 10gp worth of Bluepearl per day, collected as 70 per week, for a measure of 2 years. Failure in any form will be recompansed as control of the soul given as credit to the devil in control of his feifdom.


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